Nvidia-container-toolkit on ppc64le - missing repomd.xml

I’ve installed the NVIDIA driver and the cuda package on a Power 9 system (ppc64le) running RHEL 8.9. I am able to run nvidia-smi which sees all the V100 cards.
I want to install the nvidia-container-toolkit. I load the .repo file from the installation doc URL and put it in /etc/yum.repo.d but when I try “dnf install nvidia-container-toolkit” it returns a 404. It’s trying to reference https://nvidia.github.io/libnvidia-container/stable/rpm/ppc64le/repodata/repomd.xml

The docs indicate nvidia-container-toolkit is supported for RHEL 8 ppc64le. How do I get this installed

Found it - NVIDIA claims to provide nvidia-container-toolkit for RHEL, but they really supply it for Centos.

To get the toolkit on RHEL, use
distribution=centos8 && curl -s -L https://nvidia.github.io/libnvidia-container/$distribution/libnvidia-container.repo > /etc/yum.repo.d/nvidia-container-toolkit.repo