NVIDIA Control Panel Control Panel settings

Do the settings from NVIDIA Control Panel affect somehow to CUDA performance?
(for both cuda runtime and cuda driver)

noone knows or just a stupid question?

Well, if you had a CUDA program that used graphics interop, I imagine the control panel settings would change the performance of the graphics portion of the application. I doubt any control panel setting could change the performance of a pure CUDA program: CUDA puts the graphics card into a completely different mode.

I am not sure about the latest beta version (1.1 beta) but in the 1.0, there is at least 1 setting I know that can cause problems in the graphics interoperability programs -
If you have a dual-view monitors setup, OpenGL will not work. Also, if you have them setup as horizontal span, performance varies depending on which monitor you are displaying the program. This is discussed in detail in another thread (which I think is titled ‘Multiple Displays Issue’