Nvidia DIGITS Container Image

Would Nvidia DIGITS Container image automatically detect the number of GPUs on the target machine and use them? For example, for one server I may have 2 GPUs and for another server with 4 GPUs, but the Nvidia DIGITS container image is the same. For a server with 4 GPUs, and I would like to use only 2 GPUs, how could I control the number of GPUs to be used? Thanks!

An nvidia docker container is normally able to use all the GPUs in the machine. You can restrict this using NV_GPU environment variable, when you start the container. Read about GPU Isolation here:



One more question:
If I use DIGITS on DGX-1 with 8 V100, and select using all of these 8 GPUs, but my model is not large to have to do model parallelism on more than 1 GPU, will CUDA/DIGITS still automatically do model parallelism on all 8 GPUs, or it will automatically do data parallelism on 8 GPUs? Thanks!

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