NVIDIA Driver, CUDA, cuDNN and TensorRT compatibility issue


  • NVIDIA RTX 3070.
  • Ubuntu 18.04

i was installing cuda toolkit 11.0, 11.1, 11.1 update 1 but all of them resulting black screen to me whenever i do rebooting. from linux installations guide it order us to avoid conflict by remove driver that previously installed

but it turns out all those cuda toolkit above installing a wrong driver which makes a black screen happened to my PC, so im installing nvidia-driver-460 from Ubuntu apt-get, and it turns out to be ok for now…

but when i look at the cuDNN support metrix page, i can only install cuDNN 8.1.0 with CUDA 11.2 that supports 460 driver version (1st row of table)

and when i look at TensorRT support metrix, it shows that 11.2 only supported by cuDNN 8.0.5. here is what makes me so confused.

in cuDNN page i just see CUDA 11.2 is the only version supported by cuDNN 8.1.0 but why in TensorRT page shows that we should use cuDNN 8.05 instead?

So i think another way by downgrading my driver either to 450 or 455 that supports my RTX 3070 so that i can use CUDA 11.0 or CUDA 11.1 and install cuDNN 8.0.5 to satisfied requirements for TensorRT.

but now when i look at the NVIDIA driver page, i saw that my option is only 455 and its not NVIDIA certified and short time linux (so i don’t think its a good driver to install)

its pretty confusing for me…

  1. the linux installations guide is not properly installed the correct NVIDIA Driver for my RTX 3070
  2. support metrix page between 1 product to another seems dead-locking each other…

can someone please help me to provide the correct version that compatible for each product?