NVIDIA geforce gtx TI 1660 CUDA requirement

Dear Team,

I have an ASUS ROG that has NVIDIA geforce gtx TI 1660. I am trying to run the tensor flow applications but it keeps telling me that no GPUs are available.

I know there might be a specific configuration for this in terms of the CUDA toolkit and CUDANN. Can you tell me where I could be going wrong with this ?

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Hi @jayaram.gokulan ,
This Forum talks about issues related to tensorRT.
However you may try the following

  1. install the latest driver for your GPU from Official Drivers | NVIDIA
  2. If on linux, use a runfile installer and select “no” or deselect the option to install the driver. If on windows, deselect the option to install the bundled driver.
  3. Be sure to follow the instructions in the appropriate install guide, including any mandatory post-install setup steps as well as the verification steps indicated.