NVIDIA hwcomposer rotation broken on Android 11/Shield Experience 9

Any Tegra target using the NVIDIA hwcomposer’s glcomposer for compositing causes complete unusability when nvidia,out-rotation is set to anything but <0> in the DTB. The hwcomposer has had broken rotation handling for numerous versions, but it is especially egregious now because it’s not just a rotation artifacting issue (present on previous versions) and now causes complete inability to use the device. Given that other Tegra devices are valid Android targets, and LineageOS runs on them quite well aside from this, it would be great if this could be fixed–everything works fine when the dt node is set to <0> and SurfaceFlinger’s default rotation is set to ORIENTATION_, so there is no reason why this should not work if the issue is fixed.

I don’t think we could help here due to only support Linux/Ubuntu OS on Jetson platform. Thanks

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