Nvidia L40 GPU on Debian - Your card is not supported by any driver

Hi. I am not able to install my L40 GPU on Ubuntu 22.04 or Debian 12.

Detected NVIDIA GPUs:
06:10.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation AD102GL [L40] [10de:26b5] (rev a1)
Checking card:  NVIDIA Corporation AD102GL [L40] (rev a1)
Uh oh. Your card is not supported by any driver version up to 545.23.08.
A newer driver may add support for your card.
Newer driver releases may be available in backports, unstable or experimental.
No devices were found

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (88.7 KB)

Thank you for your help!

It’s listed in the “Supported Products” tab here.

I know :-)
That’s the reason why I was asking for help and including the bug-report…

The driver install is broken. The driver is unable to load. The specific problem is that the NVIDIA driver is not receiving interrupts generated by the GPU.

There is evidence in the bug report log that nouveau is still present. Please start with a clean install of the OS, then follow the instructions in the CUDA linux install guide.

Also, make sure the L40 is installed in a server that is properly qualified by the server OEM for use of L40.