NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 5.2 is now available.

NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 5.2 is now available for download in the NVIDIA GameWorks Registered Developer Program. This release added features for virtual reality application developers, including Oculus SDK and OpenGL Multicast support as well as a dedicated VR Inspector view. Vulkan API support has been added and Direct3D 12 support has been extended. We introduced the Range Profiler as well as expanded compute and graphics debugging features, including support for long lived variables and the FP16 datatype with the Pascal GPU family.

This release candidate has fixed a number of bugs, added documentation for newer features, and improved the UI.

Take a look at some of the highlights in the new NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 5.2 release:

Graphics Debugging
• The latest Pascal GPUs are supported for debugging, profiling, and tracing.
• Added new Virtual Reality features including support for the latest Oculus SDK for both OpenGL and Direct3D, support for the OpenGL Multicast extension, and a VR Inspector view for VR API usage.
• Added support for the latest API from Khronos: Vulkan. 
• The Range Profiler is a powerful new view for determining how your application utilizes the GPU.
• Improved the Geometry View with powerful visualization capabilities and automated detection of vertex buffer data errors.
• Updated the Graph Configuration View with improved filtering.
• The Frame Debugger has added the Capture Next Frame feature to help track down intermittent issues.
• Direct3D 12 support has been enhanced with graphics profiling, dynamic shader editing, and source code serialization of a frame
• Improved profiling accuracy on a GPU that is supporting multiple applications

• Pascal GPU family support, including the NVIDIA TITAN X, GeForce GTX 1080, GeForce GTX 1070, GeForce GTX 1060.
• FP16 datatype support
• Improved profiling accuracy on a GPU that is supporting multiple applications

For an overview of Nsight Visual Studio Edition, please visit

See all the new features of the Nsight Visual Studio Edition 5.2 and download it today!

To download this version, you must be a member of the NVIDIA GameWorks Developer Program and signed into your account: https://developer.nvidia.com/nsight-visual-studio-edition-downloads

Where could I find the installer for NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition (was that RC2?)???
Seems that it isn’t in the archive (only 5.1 there), the https://developer.nvidia.com/gameworksdownload#?tx=$additional,installer points to the 5.2 installer whilst trying to fetch 5.2 RC2, etc.
Can’t update cleanly as I’m not unable to uninstall 16218 build already on my box. :-/



We don’t keep older RC’s of an Nsight version on our download center.
I’ll email you on the side to help resolve your issue.

Thanks Robert, that worked perfectly. I guess you don’t have appetite for changing the way how you package Nsight? I’ll just keep archiving future RCs on my end.

Does anyone know now to get NSight to work with a vb.net project in VS2015?

When you right-click on the vb.net project, you get no NSight User Settings item on the context menu.

However, if you add a C# project to the solution and you right-click that project, then you can see the menu item and can access the NSight User Settings.

Is there a workaround that lets a vb.net project use NSight?

Sorry, Nsight doesn’t currently support vb.net projects.