nvidia-smi, updating Inforom

Hello all,

I have a Tesla M2050 that I am trying to query power draw information from.
When querying the device, I see N/A for all the power metrics:

Power Readings
Power Management : N/A
Power Draw : N/A
Power Limit : N/A
Default Power Limit : N/A
Min Power Limit : N/A
Max Power Limit : N/A

I believe this is due to the Inforom version on the card:

Inforom Version
Image Version : N/A
OEM Object : 1.0
ECC Object : 1.0
Power Management Object : 1.0

Is the Inforom Power Management Object upgradeable to Inforom PWR object version 3.0 so I can query power metrics with nvidia-smi or NVML?

Thanks for the assistance!

Not sure, but what I do is have a simple kill-a-watt watt meter plugged into my computer and then kick off the kernel to see how the delta in system watts change. I found it interesting that some kernels use more power then others. Usually when I am running a large kernel(many seconds) the cpu is idle so the delta is pretty accurate. Hope this helps.

That will be the solution I end up taking if I can’t pull metrics via a programmatic approach.

Thanks for your super quick reply!