NVIDIA T550 Laptop GPU - can I train tensorflow models on this GPU?

I am Data Scientist. I am using windows 11. Installed CUDA 11.2. And CUDNN 8.1 is been configured. Followed the blog for installation
I have installed tensorflow and training deep learning model or neural network.
“NVIDIA T550 Laptop GPU” is my laptops GPU. can I use this GPU for training deep learning models?
While training model, while epocs are getting executed, I can see in taskbar “Dedicated GPU Memory Usage” at almost 60% but GPU activity % I can see 0%. I am now confused whether it is using GPU to train model. I am not able to understand whether there is something wrong with my GPU.

Blog: Installing Latest TensorFlow version with CUDA, cudNN and GPU support on Windows 11 PC | by Gunter Pearson | Medium


Are you able to run nvidia-smi successfully?
Please refer to the following.

If you need further assistance, we recommend you to please reach out to the TensorRT forum.

Thank you.