`nvidia_uvm` and `nvidia` refuse to be unloaded

I am unable to either:

A) Run nvflash, because it requires all nvidia kernel modules to be unloaded

B) Use my single-GPU passthrough VM which also requires unloading those modules.

There can’t be a configuration error, I’ve literally blacklisted every nvidia module, removed nvidia_drm.modeset=1 from my grub, disabled my display manager, and even booting into a TTY with no display manager, nviida-drm, nvidia-modset, nvidia-uvm, and nvidia are all loaded. When using rmmod -rf nvidia-drm nvidia-modeset nvidia-uvm nvidia, there’s no error given, but lsmod | grep nvidia shows that nvidia-uvm and nvidia are still loaded.

So then running rmmod -f nvidia-uvm gives no error, but it’s stays loaded. which obviously prevents me from unloading nvidia.

There’s no reason why these shouldn’t be able to be unloaded, this is a clear bug. I used to be able to run nvflash and use my single-GPU passthrough VM with zero issues whatsoever. Now I can’t even manually unload the modules.