NVIDIA v440.64 modules fail to build against Linux kernel v5.6


The latest NVIDIA drivers (v440.64) fail to build with yesterday’s released Linux kernel v5.6, with multiple issues (time structure, proc_create_data pointer type, etc).

See nvidia-installer.log (702.1 KB) for full details.

The developers are aware and is working on the incompatibilities introduced by the proc_ops, y2038, etc. changes. We’ll likely be getting a new version pretty soon (given that 5.6 is mainline now) so the wait for a new working release is probably not going to be long. Until then, however, you could manually patch the driver.

I got a patch here, if you’re interested: https://gitlab.com/snippets/1945940

I’ve provided instruction for running the nvidia-installer after patching that should work, though I’ve not verified the steps myself so bear that in mind. Also, while I’ve been running with the patch myself for a while without any obvious problems, there’s always the possibility of something breaking, so just keep that in mind, I guess.

The patch seems to work for me (tested briefly only, because Linux v5.6 got other compatibility issues with out of tree modules, such as Virtualbox’, so I reverted to v5.5 for now anyway…).

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I’ve been using your @Isaak.Aleksandrov patch snippet for the 5.5 and 5.6 kernels as published on this forum. Thanks for the work. I noticed it says you wrote the 5.6 patch 4 weeks ago and people commented there already. I was wondering if there is a place where you usually post these updates, so we can just monitor that link instead of asking everytime on the forum.

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@Glaban While I can’t exactly promise anything in the way of patches, this mainly being a thing for myself and all, I do put them up on my GitLab when it’s something I feel might be of use to others. So I guess that would be the best bet.

Edit: If you meant a forum thread on here, then no, I’m not very active on the site aside from the occasional thing here and there, after all. Sorry.

Also, thank you for the positive comment, it’s nice to hear others find use in the patches I’ve made.