Nvidia Vulkan completely broken under Wayland


It seems that the Vulkan Wayland WSI is broken with the proprietary Nvidia drivers, on every desktop environment I tested(Sway WM, KDE, GNOME).

The vkcube-wayland app doesn’t function properly, it draws a semi transparent(normally the window is a solid color) window while still rendering the spinning cube.
On the emulation side, every emulators faced problems with Vulkan on Wayland but OpenGL works fine.

On GNOME the window become white and when you move it across the screen you can brievely see anything because it’s a little more transparent(Emulator : PPSSPP), (Emulator : PCSX2) the window render well but the game feels like we are viewing it through a white-transparent filter.

on KDE, no white filter problems, however, games have severe visual glitches makes all my the games unplayable on various emulators(PPSSPP, PCSX2 etc.)

But it seems that “normal” games that uses Vulkan and Wayland still works good, I’m not sure either.

And on my full AMD CPU/GPU desktop system Vulkan and Wayland works fine with the same settings and emulators.

I don’t understand what’s happening.

How I can fix this issue and if I can’t, how I can contact Nvidia to tell them to fix this bug ?

I have similar issue with 530.41.03. Wayland apps like vkcube-wayland segfault when trying to use vulkan with nvidia card (RTX 3060 laptop). They can use Intel UHD vulkan just fine.
Update: if __NV_PRIME_RENDER_OFFLOAD set to 1, vkcube-wayland prints:
error 7: importing the supplied dmabufs failed
and exits