I would like to use nvjpeg to decode a bunch of 256x256 JPEG tiles I extracted from a TIFF file. When I try to decompress one using the sample, I get the following:

Image is 3 channels.
Channel #0 size: 256 x 256
Channel #1 size: 256 x 256
Channel #2 size: 256 x 256
YUV 4:4:4 chroma subsampling
NVJPEG failure: ‘#4’ at nvjpegDecoder.cpp:105

Is there a way to have more details on why it fails? Can the decoder handle JPEG image data that isn’t packed into a JPEG file?


As per the NVJPEG failure code - 'NVJPEG_STATUS_JPEG_NOT_SUPPORTED’ indicates that the JPEG bitstream is not supported by the library.
It seems that 256x256 JPEG tile does not have valid JPEG bitstream parameters.

If you share the 256x256 JPEG tile extracted from TIFF file or Image for further analysis.