NVML - FanSpeedRPM and nvmlDeviceGetSupportedMemoryClocks

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Hello all,

I have written a little console program to query some basic information. The two items currently eluding me that I cannot find any help or support for is in relation to getting back the actual FanSpeedRPM and the SupportedMemoryClock.

1.) I cannot find anything thats supported by NVML for products other than “S-Class” for getting back the RPM of the fan.
2.) I get ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED on the nvmlDeviceGetSupportedMemoryClocks call when everything else is working so far.

Thoughts on this? Any help would be greatly appropriated!

I was able to get the memory clock speed just now:
nvmlDeviceGetClockInfo(device, NVML_CLOCK_MEM, &memoryClock);

The item I am still stuck on is the Fan Speed RPM.

Would be nice to have this function to all cards, and not just “S-Class”. (Supposedly some Tesla cards?)