Nvosd_put_text throws NvMapMemCacheMaint:1075334668 failed [14] Error


I try to write some text to an ABGR32 using the NvOSD lib, i use the following command:

nvosd_put_text(nvosd_ctx, MODE_CPU, argbImage->getFd(), count, confs_s)

Fot the first few frames it seems to work fine, but afterwards most but not all of the calls result in an Error:

NvMapMemCacheMaint:1075334668 failed [14]

I am using:

Jetpack 4.6.2
L4T 32.7.2

may I know how you processing the content with video_osd,
you may using CPU/VIC/GPU. please note that VIC only support with RGBA format.

where the argbImage uses the NvBufferColorFormat_ABGR32 format.
(The NvBufferColorFormat_ARGB32 format behaves in the a similar way)

Is there any progress on this?

we’ve check and test with latest release, JP-5.1.1
there’s MMAPI sample, 11_video_osd which able to draw somethings. there’s no such errors.

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