Nvv4l2h265enc crash problem

I downloaded and checked the source code of ‘nvv4l2h265enc’ from:

In file ‘gstv4l2h265enc.c’, line 391~line 404:

gst_v4l2_is_h265_enc (GstCaps * sink_caps, GstCaps * src_caps)
return gst_v4l2_is_video_enc (sink_caps, src_caps,
gst_static_caps_get (&src_template_caps));

gst_v4l2_h265_enc_register (GstPlugin * plugin, const gchar * basename,
const gchar * device_path, GstCaps * sink_caps, GstCaps * src_caps)
gst_v4l2_video_enc_register (plugin, GST_TYPE_V4L2_H265_ENC,
“h265”, basename, device_path, sink_caps,
gst_static_caps_get (&src_template_caps), src_caps);

These two APIs both call 'gst_static_caps_get() '.
And from:


  • gst_static_caps_get:
  • @static_caps: the #GstStaticCaps to convert
  • Converts a #GstStaticCaps to a #GstCaps.
  • Returns: (transfer full) (nullable): a pointer to the #GstCaps. Since the
  • core holds an additional ref to the returned caps, use
  • gst_caps_make_writable() on the returned caps to modify it.

GstCaps *
gst_static_caps_get (GstStaticCaps * static_caps)
GstCaps **caps;

g_return_val_if_fail (static_caps != NULL, NULL);

caps = &static_caps->caps;

/* refcount is 0 when we need to convert */
if (G_UNLIKELY (*caps == NULL)) {
const char *string;

G_LOCK (static_caps_lock);
/* check if other thread already updated */
if (G_UNLIKELY (*caps != NULL))
  goto done;

string = static_caps->string;

if (G_UNLIKELY (string == NULL))
  goto no_string;

*caps = gst_caps_from_string (string);

/* convert to string */
if (G_UNLIKELY (*caps == NULL)) {
  g_critical ("Could not convert static caps \"%s\"", string);
  goto done;

/* Caps generated from static caps are usually leaked */

GST_CAT_TRACE (GST_CAT_CAPS, "created %p from string %s", static_caps,

G_UNLOCK (static_caps_lock);
/* ref the caps, makes it not writable */
if (G_LIKELY (*caps != NULL))
gst_caps_ref (*caps);

return *caps;

/* ERRORS */
G_UNLOCK (static_caps_lock);
g_warning (“static caps %p string is NULL”, static_caps);
return NULL;

Seems that ‘gst_static_caps_get()’ will return a GstCaps object with refcount >= 1.
And this GstCaps object should be ‘unref’-ed after use, in order to release the object.
However, this release is missed in both ‘gst_v4l2_is_h265_enc’ and ‘gst_v4l2_h265_enc_register’, which may possibly cause the memory leak,
as indicated by :

0:03:33.169063483 30128 0x55a1686040 TRACE GST_TRACER :0:: object-alive, type-name=(string)GstCaps, address=(gpointer)0x7f9808a320, description=(string)video/x-h265, stream-format=(string)byte-stream, alignment=(string)au, ref-count=(uint)1, trace=(string);

hi,danelll,what about the isuue

Do you observe the issue on TX2 developer kit? We have set up r32.5.0/TX2 developer kit and run the python sample. Don’t hit crash and memory increase.

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