NVWMI - Manage GPU Utilization

Good morning,

We are looking for a solution to a deployment issue in our environment.

Each time we deploy drivers for our NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards we have to use the NVIDIA Control Panel to manually set “Workstation” -> “Manage GPU Utilization” to “Dedicate to graphics tasks”.

This is necessary for some of our modeling software as we need to ensure that no compute tasks are pushed to the graphics card (it becomes a bottleneck and greatly reduces system performance).

Is there a way that this setting can be set at the time of deployment?

We currently use a .BAT file to install the driver.

I have looked through the NVWMI options and don’t see one that will work for this setting. I also don’t see any installer command line or .INI file options that will change any settings at the time of install.

Is there another option using GPO, the registry or a startup script that could ensure this is set?