Object Oriented Programming (articles by M. Leair)

I was very interested in the recent articles posted on Object Oriented programming:

I am please that PGI does support these modern features. However, I could not get the example code to compile. I am using version 11.6-0 on 64 bit linux. When I try to compile the example code for link.f90, here is what I get:

$ pgfortran -c link.f90
PGF90-S-0034-Syntax error at or near ( (link.f90: 9)
0 inform, 0 warnings, 1 severes, 0 fatal for link_mod
PGF90-S-0043-Illegal attempt to redefine symbol constructor (link.f90: 70)
0 inform, 0 warnings, 1 severes, 0 fatal for constructor
PGF90-S-0155-PASS argument must be scalar, nonpointer, and nonallocatable in nextlink (link.f90: 79)
PGF90/x86-64 Linux 11.6-0: compilation completed with severe errors

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Rick Palmer

Hi Rick,

It appears these file got corrupted when moved to the web server. We just got them fixed. Please re-download them and try again.


Thanks for the very quick response. The repaired files compile fine.

This is very nice stuff; I often find it hard to find good examples of modern fortran to learn from.

  • Rick