OBS struggles at ~10 FPS with Vulkan drivers 455.46.04 and 455.50.04

With driver 455.46.02 OBS easily streams at 1080p60 to Twitch, however, upgrading to 455.46.04 or 455.50.04 (I haven’t tried the ones in between) makes the frame rate drop to ~10 FPS or lower.

Is this a regression/issue in recent drivers? Do I need to change something in my settings/setup for this?

(Running Arch Linux with the linux-hardened kernels (currently 5.10.11-hardened1-1-hardened), OBS 26.1.1. Let me know if you need any other info about my setup.)

Do the mainline 460 drivers also exhibit this or just the recent vulkan betas?

OBS seems to be fine with 460.39.