[Regression] Low FPS on rFactor 2 (Proton) with 460 Linux driver

I just wrote a message here, but in a notification of another message a user told me that for Linux drivers, this was the right place. I copy and paste the message:

Hello. With the last two 460 Linux driver versions, me and more users have a problem playing with rFactor 2 using Steam Play/Proton. When we try to play on a race, the FPS are too low (20-30). With previous versions of the driver (450-455) everything is normal, and we can reach much more high fps rates (In my case between 80-100 fps). We report this problem on a Proton’s Github Issue:

Can someone at nvidia take a look at this problem?



Nothing to say?

Another question: Why Linux users/gamers have to post on Developer Forums and don’t have a section on Nvidia GeForce Forums?

New driver version (460.56), and this regression is still uncorrected. No one has replied to this message either. Let Nvidia know that I am not the only penitent who is affected.

Hi, I just wanted to say that these sudden slowdowns in RDR2 are still present too. I still haven’t managed to fix them in any way. Changing driver versions seems to be the only thing that can help. I’ll see how 460.56 performs and report back once it reaches the stable branch on Manjaro.

Also, what GPU do you have? Is it an RTX 2070S by any chance?

I own an old Nvidia GTX-1060-6GB. I was thinking on change it but with the current market situation is not possible for me at this moment. I was thinking on a 3060, or the AMD equivalent. If this problem with rFactor2 continues, is possible that I choose the second one, becouse this game is very important for me (I spend a lot of hours on it) and I don’t want to be stucked on a old version driver.

I guess for issues like that, it’s advised to also check with the current vulkan beta:
IIRC, the latest has fixes for RDR2

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I just downloaded and installed the new version 460.67 and the problem still occurs… can nobody at Nvidia take a look? Back to 450

Hi leillo,
We have filed a bug 200713092 internally for tracking purpose and will keep you updated.


Thanks a lot. If you need any information, do not hesitate to ask me for it.

Is possible to to follow the this bug state?

No, these are nvidia internal.

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Unfortunately I am not able to repro on driver 460.39 on below configuration setup -

Precision T7600 + Ubuntu 19.10 + 5.3.0-64-generic + Driver 460.39 + TITAN Xp + rFactor 2 Game
Played game for 15-20 mins and observed FPS more around 60 for most of the time.

Later I installed driver 460.67 and observed fps around 80-90 on my setup.

Requested you to share bug report and any additional game/system settings done on your end.
Once I will have above information, I will try to match hardware and retry for repro again.

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Game has benchmark option in settings. Usage of that for perf comparision should be more precise rather than just randomly playing.

Game= Red Dead Redemption 2

As it is already noted as suffering from perf regression also.

I will copy/paste to share the content of the mail that I sent you some minutes ago. I do so because that is what I want to answer here, not because I want to show our conversation:

The problem is between 450 and 460 driver. You are comparing two 460 drivers (.39 and . 67). Using a Titan XP you must have a much higher fps. I’m using an old computer with 1060-6GB and play the game runs between 80-100 fps. Take a look to the video I shared.:

You can see in the first half (450) that I have about 60fps (obs takes a lot fps), an then, on the second half (minute 2:56) of the video, with 460, only 20-25 fps.
You must know that this problem not only affects me. My rFactor2 friends use Opensuse, Debian, Ubuntu, KDE Neon… and have the same problem, as you can see in this issue on Proton’s github:

I hope this info can help you solve the problem


Hi @amrits.

I’m one of the users affected by this issue. I have a RTX2070 SUPER and a Ryzen 5 3600 with 16GB RAM. With driver 450.80 I get around 90-100 fps after tunning down some game settings to improve the framerate. With version 460.39 the framerate falls at around 25 fps. Tried with Proton Experimental and Proton 5.13.

With your hardware you should be getting around 150-200 fps even at the highest game settings, with the 450.XX drivers most probably.

I use Debian Buster (version 10) with kernel 5.7.0. The problem has been observed by several users and the only thing in common seems to be the driver version (hardware and software are different).

I use standard settings in the Nvidia settings panel, I don’t remember having changed anything except maybe enabling flipping and sometimes using the OSD info.

I should add that I play at resolution 2560x1440.

Thanks for your help.


Looks like I can repro with driver 460.67 on below setup where FPS value goes around 60-90 and never exceeds it.

Precision T7600 + Ubuntu 19.10 + 5.3.0-64-generic + Driver 460.39 + TITAN Xp

Whereas when I installed driver 450.102.04, I observed fps around 130-160 and it also reaches around 190 few times.

Based on above data, we will investigate perf issue and keep everyone updated.


Thanks a lot, @amrits !

hi, I have the same problem, specs:

  • OpenSuse 15.2, kernel 5.3, nvidia driver 460.
  • Dell XPS 9560 with nvidia 1050 4g

the problem in my machine it’s running at 10~15FPS.

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Hello. How is it going? Any progress on the problem?

The issue is still present even on the latest driver 465.19.01

EDIT: Continues to be present in 465.24.02

No news, bad news?