OpenCL and inheritance

Hi everybody :wave: ,

I am wondering if OpenCL supports (on a graphic card) C++ code and more especially inheritance. I googled a lot without result. :">

In facts, I don’t know if I use OpenCL or CUDA: I need the best support of C++ (inheritance (!) ) on the device (I don’t care of host) :turned:

No, OpenCL is C, not C++.

CUDA kind of supports inheritance but not with all features (like virtual functions).

To begin with, thanks for your answer (I hope others will come :) )

If I know this issue with CUDA, I don’t what I have to think abbout “C++ binding for OpenCL”, indeed, I don’t know what it does really mean? :wacko: => is it a recent implementation of c++ for OpenCl or not??

Nope, those are binding for the host side API (which is also in C).

Okkay, thx :yes:

Futhermore it seems that OpenCL is far less efficient than CUDA… I will keep CUDA…

Thanks a lot :)