OpenCL development tools and documentation

Sorry for posting in this forum, but I failed to find more suitable.

Does anybody know any tool to debug and profile OpenCL code for NVIDIA GPU? And a current documentation to learn compiler options?

All I manage to find is:
OpenCL Programming Guide for the CUDA Architecture, dated 08/27/2009 and NVIDIA OpenCL SDK Code Samples with some sample code.
That’s all.
If NVIDIA is just concerned with CUDA promotion and is not going to provide developers support for OpenCL, could somebody advise a GPU manufacturer with proper support - what about Intel or AMD?

A Google search turned up this relevant thread

So you may want to check if the cuda-gdb is able to single step through OpenCL kernels.

And this blog posting may be of interest too, as it shows that there has been some activity in the OpenCL support at nVidia.

The last post in was on Dec, 17, 2010.

At that time (2010), possibly, Nsight was capable to debug and profile OpenCL.

I’m afraid, it’s not the case anymore.