Tools/Software to develop with OpenCL


I’m currently starting to develop with OpenCL but without any “IDE”, editor, compiler and debugger it is a pain.

Do you know if there are some tools that I can use to help me to develop some OpenCL code ? (On any implementation ? NVidia & AMD).

Thanks for your help

You use OpenCL as you would use any other library - you include header file, and you link with the library, otherwise you write your C/C++ code as usual. So I don’t understand what kind of support would you expect from your development environment? As far as debugging concerned, native debuggers for GPU platform don’t exist at the moment, and this could be indeed somewhat of the problem; but you could utilize say AMD SDK to compile your OpenCL code for CPU platform, and then debug it almost as usual (and on the other side, the best debugger is your brain anyway, so being forced to just stare into the code and think about it is actually good thing…).

Hi, I have the same problem. The best thing I found this far is the CLCC tool:

But I am hoping there will be better tools around soon…


Yes, debugging has been the only issue for me. It was really an issue at start, when the driver was right at its inception. It would seg fault and one wouldn’t know if it was a seg fault because of faulty code or a driver bug. It was mainly driver bugs. Now it is a lot better, with the driver getting better and better. Also you can try line by line debugging. Comment out regions of code and use debugging statements, where you pass back dummy values. Kind of a printf in a different sense. Using the cpu implementation is a better idea though, as suggested by cgorac. Something that I should try.