OpenCL debugger from gDEBugger

I recently noticed a post on about an OpenCL debugger from gDEBugger. Does anyone have experience with their other products or even this new OpenCL variant?

No experience, however the floating license is $2,450.00. In case anyone was interested. There is a “cheaper” $790.00 version I think.

I had heard of this and will definitely take a closer look at it. It seems like a very useful tool for OpenCL GPU development. Especially with the NVIDIA implementation that doesn’t allow any CPU use for debugging.

I’ve been accepted on Beta Program, I’ve not tried it yet, but reading the Readme it looks that it only works for ATI Cards:( But later I’ll confirm that.

I’ve used their OpenGL debugger and can definitely recommend their products, although I haven’t tried the OpenCL debugger yet.