Debugging tools


What are your favorite publicly available debuggers for OpenGL 4+?

In the past I’ve used gDEBugger but it seems to only support up to OpenGL 3.2. Some of its functionality worked on OpenGL 4, but it became slightly unreliable. It also seems to crash with glew 1.9. So I’m looking for new tools to use.


Ok… let’s try to make me ban at the first post… :D
ATI bought gDebugger and after one year of oblivion released CodeXL

Is still bugged and unstable. An it require an ATI card to enable CPU and openCL profile. If you don’t have ATI/AMD hardware is an updated version of gDebugger with a lot of useless stuff that you can’t use.

I was really curios about openGl extension KHR_debug that entered in the core with openGl 4.2, in the contributor list you can read name from both ATI and nVidia, but nobody have done an interface that can display the result in a decent way.
Now I;m using CodeXl to check the content of the GPU memory and status, and debug profile to check errors/warning.

Thanks for the link to the ATI tools! I did not know they existed.

For the record, mentioning ATI/AMD won’t get you banned here. :)

IlMale, not sure I follow about the interface for displaying the debug information.
In OpenGL Insights, edited by Cozzi and Riccio, Fernandes and Oliveira describe in chapter 33 how to set it up and from there it is a small thing to set it up with a logger of your choice… You can download their code from
Granted, it is using the ARB_debug_output and not KHR_debug, but that is a very small thing to fix…