OpenGL debugging not working

Hello, I recently installed visual studio along with the latest nsight so that I could debug and analyze the performance of my OpenGL application. Previously I did this using gdebugger. Now, when I try to run the debugger, I press ctrl-z to activate the HUD and the press space to start debugging, but windows immediately tells me that the program has stopped working.

My graphics card is a GeForce GT 120M. Since the graphics drivers version is lower than the one supported by nsight 4.6, I also tried out version 4.0, but to no avail. Is it just that my graphics card is not supported? Shouldn’t I be able to at least have some basic debugging functionality like I get using gdebugger, i.e. viewing fbos etc.?


I’m afraid Nsight don’t support GT 120M, that should be a old G9x GPU core.