OpenGL(GLSL) debugger for NVIDIA cards?

Does upcoming Nsight 3.0 support debugging of GLSL code (as like HLSL)?
GLSL debugging always bother me.
gDebugger was good. But it was acquired by AMD and stopped support for NVIDIA cards.
It is outdated.
I hope Nsight supports GLSL debugging.

Hi Hanage,

Nsight for Visual Studio 3.0 will include GLSL debugging support.


But where i can download Nsight for vs 3.0?
when is coming out?

It should be out Q2 2013.

have also support for the opencl kernels debug ?
where you find these news on nsight3?


We will make announcements in this forum. There are no plans to support debugging OpenCL kernels at this moment.
What version of OpenGL is the app that you are wanting to debug?



Please help…
I have notebook Samsung p550 with GeForce 650M and I want to debug GLSL shader.
The problem in Nsight 3.0 RC (it seems Nsight monitor) after pressing Break All in VS shows popup with “GraphicsRunControl: Breaking shader execution is not supported on your HW configuration”.
It also don’t show source code of shaders.
Why Nshight show me this message if gDEBurred from Graphic Remedy can show me source code of shared from runned application and able even edit and rebuild shader on fly.
Probably I losed something in settings?


P.S. Sorry for my bad English.

Hi Vlad66,

Which driver do you have installed and which version of Windows?