Can GLSL shaders be debugged with Nsight?

I was watching Debugging OpenGL 4.2 - NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition 3.2 video. At the 15:00 time-stamp, which I link here, the presenter demonstrates step-by-step-debugging of a GLSL tessellation shader in Visual Studio, using Nsight Visual Studio Edition 3.2. It shows a very familiar debugging experience similar to when debugging C++ or C# . This video was uploaded 2014, which makes it about 10 years old.

I installed Nsight Visual Studio Edition 2023.3.1, and haven’t found any way of doing similar step-by-step debugging of my GLSL shaders. Could someone either

a) Describe how to do such debugging of GLSL shaders, or
b) Confirm that such debugging of GLSL shaders is no longer possible.

Hi, @kaba2

Nsight Visual studio Edition now do not support graphics debugging.
You need to use Nsight Graphics instead.
I move this post to the Nsight Graphics category.

Hi @veraj. Thanks for a quick reply. I have also installed Nsight Graphics. If placing breakpoints on GLSL shaders is possible on Nsight Graphics, how is it done?

Sorry. I don’t know the usage of Nsight Graphics either. Please refer Nsight Graphics — NsightGraphics 2023.4 documentation or wait response from this forum.

Ok. Let’s hope someone knows. I did not find anything related in the documentation.

As for NSight Visual Studio Edition, I found the following remark from Nsight Visual Studio Edition Requirements:

[3] Not shown: Note that shader debugging (previously only supported on Kepler GPUs and for D3D11 and Open GL (4.2-4.5)) has been removed as of version 2019.1.

That I guess answers it for the Nsight Visual Studio Edition.

It would be great to know whether there is a replacement for shader debugging in Nsight Graphics.

Hi @kaba2,

Nsight Graphics doesn’t support Shader Debugging right now. We do have the plan to add shader debugging feature like before, please stay tuned.


Hi @AYan. Ok, thanks for the info!

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