GLSL Debugging in Nsight 3.2 (is it supposed to work?)

So I have tried several updates now of Nsight (now up to but cannot set successful breakpoints in GLSL shaders (any version of OpenGL: from 3.3 on up to 4.3). I have a 560Ti card with the latest drivers(ver 332.21) running in a 64 bit Windows 7 envronment using Visual Studio 2010.

NOTE: I have no problems debugging the OpenGL C++ side and frame debugging, just the GLSL shader side. Attempting to set a breakpoint always fails with a message that says that it could not bind to the code. I have tried to set it both in the raw shader and of course the one that it opens in a window after you select the “SOURCE” while debugging a frame.

Do I have to do remote debugging?
Do I have to have a Titan card?

Clearly no one has actually succeeded except in an NVidia demo video.
There is absolutely no place that the requirements are documented, as I have done a very extensive Google search.

Please help.


The requirements are listed here:

What type of shader is the one that you are trying to set a bp? when you mouse over, do you see the message that it couldn’t bind to the code? Is it in debug mode?

No, no need to update to a TITAN for this :-)