Could you please share your configuration of Shader Debugging?

I constantly encounter various errors during setting up the configuration for debugging OpenGL/GLSL using Nsight’s Shader Debugging (belonging to Graphics Debugger). The documentation can offer me no help in solving the problem. The question posted here receives no response after so many days. So, having no alternatives, I created this topic for help. If you are lucky to have properly set up the debugging environment for OpenGL/GLSL using Shader Debugging, could you please share your configuration in this thread so that I can follow? Specifically, please list the graphics cards used on the host and target (note that we must use remote debugging for shader debugging), versions of Windows, Visual Studio and Nsight, as well as the OpenGL/GLSL code if ok to share in public.

The environment I have now at hand (and is not working with shader debugging) is:
On the remote target

  • Quadro K600
  • Newest driver 391.03 installed
  • Windows 7
  • Visual Studio 2015
  • NSight 5.5 for VS installed
  • Nsight Monitor 5.5 started as Administrator and with WDDM TDR disabled
  • No antivirus is running

The local host

  • GTX 1050 Ti
  • Newest driver 391.35 installed
  • Windows 10
  • Visual Studio 2015
  • NSight 5.5 for VS installed

Thanks a lot for your sharing and help.


Yes, Nvidia is very difficult to understand requirements for Shader Debugging.

They have 2 rows of information:

Graphics & Compute Shader Debugger[2]
Direct3D and OpenGL 4.2 - 4.5[3][4]

Graphics Shader Debugger
OpenGL 4.1 and lower

On each row, they have supported hardware configs:

Hardware Configuration
Single GPU System
Dual GPU System
Two systems, each with GPU
Optimus Equipped Notebook
Microsoft Hybrid EquippedNotebook[1]

For row #1, they have Single GPU system with a green check mark under that column, so it looks like
you “Could” use host target setup, but it may be that you only need the K600

It Kepler Architecture, so it should work.

Of course, its april 28 and Nvidia did not answer your forum post in 28 days, so that is pretty bad.