OpenGL Shader Debugging in Visual Studio 2013 with Nsight 4 on localhost

I’m trying to debug opengl shader, but getting “GraphicsRunControl: Breaking shader execution is not supported with your HW configuration.”, and Shaders window is empty in Visual Studio. I tried several samples including SkinningApp from nvidia samples, with no luck.

I’m running on Win7 64bit, AMD Phenom X6, 16GB Mem and GeForge GTX 750 Ti.
NVidia driver is 337.88, Nsight

Also, it appears that shader debugging may not be done on localhost, but only by remote debugging.

On the other hand table in the following page mentions that OpenGL 4.2 shader debugging on single gpu system:

Would anyone please suggest how to troubleshoot the issue or confirm that opengl shader debugging only can be achieved using remote debugging or with different hardware (or 2 video cards, etc.)?

Thank you in advance for helping

Still cannot get it to work. I went through nvidia webinar, downloaded sources and everything goes ok, till I’m trying to set breakpoint in opengl shader.

Tooltip for breakpoint says: “Shader debugging is not supported for files loaded from disk. Please open the shader from either the Shader View or the API Inspector.”

This is especially strange message because I open shader from API Inspector and there is no “Shader View” in Nsight (there is “Shader List” window, but it is empty).

Also noticed that tooltip title is “At embeddedSource_0.hlsl”. This is also confusing since solution opengl shaders have *.glsl. Could it be that Nsight confused opengl and directx shaders?

Can anyone help me to fix this issue with debugging?


We currently do not support shader debugging on a Maxwell GPU (like the GTX 750 Ti), however, you can use the frame API debugger. We plan to support this in the future.



Thank you very much for this clarification. I just thought that all listed at cards are supported. Will try another card.

Well, it is passed 7 months and I am using newest nVidia nSight and have ‘future version’ of CUDA - it is 7.0 RC (6.5 I was simply unable to install on this laptop, but this is another question, not critical). Still have no ability to debug GLSL shaders - breakpoint cannot be hit. It is laptop with GTX970m. Because this is laptop and I have no access to PC I cannot simply land or purchase older/used card and switch to it for a period of time required to implement debugging. GTX970m is in the list of supported devices. And Maxwell is not ‘very new’ now - time is passed since first Maxwells 8xx were introduced.

Could anyone provide simple roadmap, when nSight will support GLSL debugging on Maxwell GPUs ?

However, I still need to watch intermediary results in GLSL code and this is my current work. Is there alternative solution to put breakpoint and see values of variables while GLSL debugging is being implemented for nSight?

P.S. My rig:
Asus G751JT with GTX970M, Win 8.1 x64, Visual Studio 2013, CUDA 7.0 RC, nSight, Driver 347.12

Well now, its been 4 years. Where is the update?

Hi rpzrpzrpz,

Sorry, shader debugging on Maxwell GPU is still not supported yet.

What’s worse, you have not made a clear statement when this support on post-Kepler GPU’s will take place.

And my critical comment about 4 years means that when I am old and gray, you will release support for modern GPUs.