Graphics card for shader debugging HLSL Directx11

I’m using NSight 5.1 with Visual Studio 2015 hoping to debug HLSL shaders running in Directx11. Currently I have a GeForce GTX 970. When I look in the shader window, for every shader I see the comment, “Shader Debugging is not supported for this GPU.” Goggling a bit I read that I have a Maxwell GPU and that shader debugging doesn’t work on Maxwell GPUs. Looking at this page:

I find that “supported” must not include shader debugging.

Is there a list of graphics cards that do support shader debugging? (If not can someone who is doing shader debugging recommend currently available graphics cards that do support shader debugging.)



Doesn’t anyone have an answer for this? Anyone doing shader debugging? What graphic card are you using?

Hi ChipB,

Maxwell[GTX9xx] doesn’t support shader debugger, only Kepler and Fermi GPU support shader debug.