Nsight and GeForce GTX 970M

I have Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise and GeForce GTX 970M (Maxwell) (notebook).
I have read that Nsight supports GeForce GTX 970M so I’m also assuming that it also support shader debugging.
But for some reason when i try to it doesn’t work.

If it really doesn’t work. Are there any alternatives which allow me to use shader debugging ?

Hi JekasG,

I am sorry, but the only way is use a Kepler GPU.


Hi AYan

But GT750M with Maxwell is supported to debug shader.Why 970/960 are excepted?How about 1070 or TITAN Z?


Hi wjinzhe,

GT750M is GK107, but GTX750 is GM107, that’s different.

Nsight doesn’t support Shader Debug on Maxwell and Pascal GPU right now.