can't seem to debug shader (opengl)


I’m trying to use Nsight but I am running into an issue.

I can’t debug shaders. If I run Nsight (graphics debugging), and take a snapshot, the shaders pane is empty. I can see things in the API inspector, however. I can also perform profiling.

From the API Inspector, if I go to FS -> attached shader state (and click source)

A new tab is opened: embeddedSource_0.hlsl.

It rejects any attempt at making a breakpoint:
“The breakpoint will not currently be hit. Shader debugging is not supported for files loaded on disk. Please open the shader from either the Shader View or the API Inspector”.

Here are some specs that might be relevant:

  • gtx 970 (driver version 344.16)
  • opengl 4.2
  • local debugging
  • Nsight 4.6
  • Visual studio 2013

Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?


Hi qrx12,

That’s due to your GPU is Maxwell GPU, Nsight don’t support shader debug on Maxwell GPU now. You can try it on Kepler or Fermi GPU, which should be smooth.


Hey AYan, thanks for your reply.

Ah, I see.

Two questions:

  1. Is this just for glsl, or does this hold for hlsl as well?
  2. Seems like the issue is that the Maxwell GPU is too new? If this is the case, is there a roadmap for getting shader debugging on Maxwell GPUs?


EDIT: nevermind on question #2. It seems like you guys will announce it when you guys are ready.

EDIT2: nevermind on question #1 as well. Looks like hlsl faces the same issue.

I eagerly await nVidia’s support for Maxwell GPU shader debugging!