Shader debugging on a Maxwell GPU

Is shader debugging with Nsight Visual Studio Edition supported on a single-GPU system with a Maxwell GPU (namely the GTX 970)?
I can’t get it to work on my system, neither for Direct3D nor OpenGL. I am using VS2013 Community, Nsight 4.5, Windows 8.1 (64 bit), 347.52 driver.
Frame capture and scrubbing works and the API Inspector shows that all shaders are attached to the pipeline and lets me navigate to their source code, but breakpoints are never hit. When I try to use Pixel History by selecting a pixel on a render target (in the Resources window), I get a Pixel History window with a “Shader debugging is not available” message in it.
On Direct3D, the Shaders List shows “Shader debugger is not available” in the Symbolics Status column for all shaders.
On OpenGL, the Shaders List does not show any shaders at all.

I get the exact same behaviour with unreal engine 4.

Hi guys,

That’s expected, since Nsight don’t support Shader Debug on Maxwell GPU, that’s a known issue, you can try to use Kepler GPU or Fermi GPU.


Hi! Thanks for the reply. What confuses me, though, is that the lack of debugging support on Maxwell is not even mentioned in the Nsight documentation and release notes. Can you give us an ETA of this feature?


sorry that I can’t show you some ETA, but we will announce it as soon as it’s ready.


Hi all,

any progress regarding this issue? I would love to debug my shaders ;)

Hi all,

Any progress re debugging shaders on Maxwell GPUs? I’m also one of who would love to debug shaders and who is also waiting.

This still doesn’t work, seriously NVidia?

Hi guys,

Sorry guys, the feature is under consideration for a future release.


Is there an official feature request method by which we can weigh in on these types of things and affect prioritization for future releases?


That would be great. C’mon, these gpus have been out for over a year now, and you can still claim that it has full support? At least put on the required specs that shader debugging isn’t available with a Maxwell gpu.

Is there any time estimate on this yet? It has been quiet for over a year.

It’s somewhat unbelievable this has gone on for so long :( Especially now that Pascal is out.

I am sure it’s not an easy thing to get working - but not being able to debug GLSL compute shaders on any device is insane in this day and age. They are too complicated that such a lack of tools is a really serious issue.

I would add that removing Fermi GPU is very sad decision!
Why we have to profile GPU that much? Yes, we want to push graphics on newest GPU, but we mostly wants to support our minimum requirement!! That is how we can get good player reviews at the time of the release.

In 2016, Fermi GPU like the 570GTX can be a decent minimum requirement, but sadly we can’t use recent version of NSIGHT in our studios…

Are there any news concerning Maxwell shaders debugging support by nSight?

Wow, it is still not implemented… “Good” job.

Is this still not implemented? Can someone name a card currently available for purchase that does support Shader Debugging?

Any kepler GPU will be able to do some debugging (actually very slow, even using minimal experience debugging). Fermi has been removed from the supported hardware, which is weird, because we want to do profilling mostly on low-spec minimum requirement for our games…

Don’t forget that time scrubber is in empty pipeline cost so it won’t show the real time of the frame. Frame-Timing has never worked on our end, since ever. It shows huge gaps between draws and the resulting timing is totally over scope (over 60~100 ms odd)

Hopefully, the next version will not tackle only new feature but will revised the way that this nice tool can serves the need of pure performance profiling + addition off nice drill-down GPU such as neat representation of L2 cache miss, overdraws, parallelism and contention, bandwidth, filtering and so forth.