Does Nsight 5.2 allow shader debugging for Pascal-GPUs(Geforce 1060)?

the Nsight 5.2 update seems to indicate here:
that shader debugging is possible with Pascal-GPUs.

The latest Pascal GPUs are supported by the Frame Debugger, including the GeForce GTX 1060, 1070, and 1080 GPUs, as well as NVIDIA TITAN X

i would like to get a confirmation on the ability to debug shaders with Pascal-architecture
on a Geforce 1060. It does not work on my current Maxwell-GTX970 which is very frustrating.
I desperately need the shader debugging option for pixel and compute shaders since i am having issues with visual studio’s graphic analyzer.
So before spending money on a Pascal-card which i would rather do than going back to an ancient Kepler-card, i want to be sure that it works.

I would appreciate a lot, if someone could verify this.


I get the similar error on 1060 .

“Shader debugging is not supported on the GPU associated with this device.”


[1] Shader debugging is supported on Kepler family GPUs for Direct3D 11 and OpenGL. Direct3D 12 & Vulkan APIs and Maxwell & Pascal family GPUs will be supported in upcoming releases.

Not sure when

Thank you GPUDriver,
that is bad news. I wonder how developers that work a lot with complicated shaders do their debugging?
Are they really all having a Kepler-card in an extra-slot just for that?
Or is there an alternative to NSight that i am not aware of?
VS Graphic Analyzer is buggy for me and does not capture in some situations.

One can then only hope that Nvidia release the Pascal support soon.

Yeah , if the tools don’t work then pretty much problem needs to debugged in 3D pipeline step by step.

Again it depends on the kind of problem you are trying to debug. If its geometry related -
narrow - do wire frame rendering for see if its that . Look at invocation counters see (Pipe Line stats)
compare them with WARP and see if they don’t match . Write out data into UAV or something at each stage compare with warp and back track the values if they are bad in the shader - at what point , was it texture / uav read or inputs / attributes that look different than warp.


Right now, Shader Debug support on Pascal is still under consideration for a future release.


Hello, any news about this?

Now that Kepler cards have disappeared from the market how do you think we can debug shaders?

Please, please add support for shader debugging on Pascal!

I don’t understand why you didn’t update a feature so useful!


+1 would like it too



I’ve faced with an error message that Shader Debugger isn’t supported on my GPU. My GPU is 750 ti (Kepler).

Could anybody tell me what could be wrong on my system?

Driver version: 382.33
Win 10 x64
nSight version:
VisualStudio 2013

Hi user88,

GTX 750Ti is Maxwell card which doesn’t support shader debugging now.


Hi letitia,

thanks for your fast answer.

Are you sure that 750TI is Maxwell? From this wiki page:

we can see that code name of 750TIs GPU is GM107.

Here has been written that GM107 is Kepler:

So, 750TI is Kepler. Am I wrong?

I can also see that message while starting to profile the application:
Not all Nsight features are supported on Microsoft Windows Hybrid Graphics system. Your debug session may become unstable.
It looks strange for me as far as know that Hybrid Graphics system is running on laptops but I use a desktop machine. Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi user88,

Please follow the steps to check the GPU core:

  • open Visual studio
  • click the menu Nsight->Windows->System Info
    then ‘GPU Family’ tells the actual core of the GPU in GPU Devices page. If the core is GM107, it indicates that the GPU is Maxwell.

As far as the Hybrid Graphics system, it’s another thing.


Hi Letitia,

I have checked. The family is GM107-A. It is Maxwell, unfortunately…

So, are there any news about new version of nSight where Maxwell is fully supported?

One more question, can anybody hint me where I can read about Hybrid Graphics system? I can’t find anything on the web…

I’m currently getting this on a GTX780 which is GPU family: GK110 which should be Kepler according to internet.

I’m using the latest version of Nsight 5.3, the shaders are compiled at runtime with PREFER_FLOW_CONTROL, DEBUG & SKIP_OPTIMIZATIONS flags.

I also get this message:

Not all Nsight features are supported on Microsoft Windows Hybrid Graphics systems. Your debug session may become unstable.

I don’t know if that’s related? I tried to disable Hybrid mode but wasn’t successful (I read that there was supposed to be an option to disable it in the Nvidia Control Panel but I couldn’t see it)

Both host and target machine runs Win 10.

Hi sbratel,

Please try to disable iGPU in BIOS or force Visual Studio to use NV GPU as render device. That will solve your issue.


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately that didn’t work for me. The host machine only has 1 GPU. The target had 2 but I disabled the integrated Intel one. There was an option for igfx in bios but it wasn’t set.

I re-installed nsight monitor on the target machine and rebooted both, just in case. So far no luck :(

I didn’t understand what you were referring to “force Visual Studio to use NV GPU as render device”, could you elaborate on how this should be done? (I’m using VS 2017 but have access to 2013 as well)

Any updates on this Feature, nvidia? I have a 1060, and it’s a pain in the ass to fix shader issues, because I can’t debug the shader.


I’m afraid that Pascal GPU doesn’t support shader debugging now.


Do you know by any chance where is this feature in the Nsight development roadmap?


I am not sure about the plan or schedule, but I will take a track for your request and let you know if there are some update.