GTX 1070 shadder debugging Nsight 5.1

Hey everyone!

Has anyone try to debug some openGL shaders with the Pascal GPUs? I have a dual GPU system with two 1070s and I am using Nsight 5.1. It’s telling me that there are no supported GPUs found for shadder debugging and have no signals on the graphs on the HUD.

Any help would be useful!
Thanks guys!

Hi emmawang9,

I am sorry that Nsight doesn’t support shader debugging on Maxwell and Pascal GPUs. You might need a Kepler GPU.


Hi AYan,

Will there be an update for shader debugging on the Pascal GPUs? if so do you know a timeline as to when that will be happening?


Hi emmawang9,

This feature is under consideration for a future release.


Hi AYan,

this feature was under consideration a year ago for Maxwell.

I am curious,

it seems not easy to buy new Kepler cards anymore

Is the need for shader debugger so low that there won’t be any on future GPUs?

I am used to debugging GLSL by commenting/un-commenting, or by outputting variables to the frame-buffer.
But aren’t there a lot of developers who need that feature?

How about these day? poor English. Does 1060/1070/1080 can be used for debugging shader codes

Only Kepler GPU is supported for shader debugging.

SO annoyed that I can’t debug my Pascal 1070 graphics card. I would rather quit my job than go buy a Kepler card and stick it into my new machine. What the heck is going on here, NVidia? You have 1000’s of developers complaining about this, and not even a STORY about an update coming, much less a solution.

I know, it’s such BS. I’m banging my head on the wall trying to debug a shader on my 1070. I spend many hundreds of $ and I can’t even step through some code! NVidia really doesn’t seem to give a crap. They’re dominating the GPU market and making a huge amount of cash selling cards to gamers/crypto miners so I can see little incentive to provide better tools for devs. You’d think shader debugging would be a standard feature on all cards considering that they can debug code internally. I also wonder if the big AAA studios get special treatment and better tools.

The future does not look good for shader debugging:

(from the NSight 6.0 Release Notes)

Graphics Debugger
The Graphics Debugger allows you to debug frame by each draw call. You can debug vertex shaders, pixel shaders, and view pipeline states. You can create performance markers and profile the execution of your graphics code.
NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 6.0 introduces:
Added support for the latest Turing GPUs.
Performance improvements
Support for Direct3D 9 has been removed
Shader debugging is supported on Kepler family GPUs for Direct3D 11 and OpenGL.
Note that Kepler based GPU support and shader debugging has been deprecated and will be removed in an upcoming release.