Nsight shader debugging

I was able to get Nsight running in Visual Studio on Windows 7 (doesn’t work in Windows 8), but I discovered that ‘shader list’ reports that “shader debugging is not supported for this GPU”; meaning my GTX 750TI.

So I looked around the internet and discovered a comment stating that Fermi and Kepler GPU’s are the ones supporting shader debugging(by shader debugging I mean stepping through the lines of HLSL or GLSL source code and receiving details on values of variables per each line’s execution) so I tried my old GTX 570 (Fermi) and got “shader debugging is not supported for this gpu”.

So I’m guessing that only Kepler GPU’s are capable of hardware shader debugging? And would it have to be set up in a ‘remote debugging’ configuration? Or two GPU’s on the same PC? I’d appreciate a heads up; I actually bought a second GTX 750TI some time ago because I thought I’d need a 2 GPU configuration to run Nsight…

Also, does anyone know if the GT 730 is a Kepler GPU? I couldn’t find anything that definitely confirms it.

(I’d like to mention that I’ve tried Visual Studio’s Pix version of shader debugging; I was put off by my shader routines executing even when they were never called. It’s after I saw that that I became interested in hardware shader debugging vs Pix’s simulation software.)

John Cliffe

As far as I’ve been able to find these are the kepler cards:

GTX 730 isn’t listed as having a kepler and I don’t believe it is.