Shaders list empty


Trying to setup debug of my app with nsight.
Got textures, buffers, events & etc…

But shader list is “empty”.
Maybe i need to make some additional actions in my code or this is just a bug?

Running on GTX 750, nsight 4.0, latest drivers(changed them to older, still no shaders)


As of right now, Nsight does not support shader debugging for Maxwell architectures, and we currently don’t list the shaders. We have two pending requests which are to list the shaders (and be able to look at the code, etc), and to support shader debugging on Maxwell.

Were you trying to do shader debugging or were you just wanting to see the list and view code?


i noticed that shader debugging is not supported.
For me this is not a problem, cause i don’t have multimonitor/multigpu setup for that.

But there is nothing about “shader list is not supported”.
At least i was hoping for list shaders & open/edit/read code on the fly.
On the other hand, i can see code in read-only mode by selecting program/VS/GS/FS tabs in API inspector, but editing code on the fly in my opinion is key feature.

Maybe adding some “info” in interface of nsight about avilable features will “fix” such questions?
Like, Nsight->Status or additional info rows in “System info->GPU Devices”
where show:

  1. Is nsight support current gpu/driver
  2. Is shader debugging enabled
  3. Is shader listing/editing avilable
  4. maybe more, that i don’t notice =)


p.s. sorry for bad english