Debug shader error: Shader list is empty

My old graphics card is GT 720M (Nsight do not support it), and when I start debugging, the shader list is empty. I have had to buy a new laptop for Nsight Shader Debugger functionality, but it still does not work.

The shader list is still empty while I am being in the graphics debug mode.

I cann’t find any information in Google about this problem, and see no way now. I hope you can give some advices about it.

My environment:
Visual Studio 2012.
Nsight 3.2.213351
Graphics card: GT 740M
Driver version: 334.89 Realease day: 2/18/2014
DirectX version: 11

Please tell me if you need any other additional information.


Which laptop product do you have?
This is probably because of Optimus. Could you turn off optimus (in the BIOS)? that should do it.

Thank you