OpenCL on power8

I am getting a CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE (-11) when i try to build an OpenCL program on a power8 machine. The length of the build log is just 1, so there is no useful information there. Has anyone had success with OpenCL on Nvidia hardware on a power platform?
The same code works seamlessly on AMD (x86) and NVIDIA (x86) platforms.

Where did you get the Nvidia OpenCL software for the Power8?
Are you running Ubuntu 15.04 or another version?

David Carver
Texas Advanced Computing Center

Dear Arekay,

I am also very interested in running OpenCL on a S824L POWER8 machine. Did you find a way to retrieve a

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OpenCL (for use on a GPU) is not supported on Power 8 at this time.

Ok, that is very unfortunate. Just since you explicitly mentioned GPU support: are you aware of a CPU-based OpenCL Implementation for Power8? I am just aware of an OpenCL implementation for Power 7 series systems.

Have you tried contacting IBM?