OpenCV acceleration

I just installed through JetPack 3.3. I read into the documentation “Tegra Linux Driver Package R28.2.1” :

“OpenCV Version 3.3.1, built without GPU hardware acceleration, is provided as a
convenience to access basic compute functionality. OpenCV continues to include neon and
multi-threading optimizations for Jetson.
OpenCV4Tegra Version 2.4.13 is deprecated as of 28.1 release.”

Should I understand that the opencv library included use CPU acceleration ONLY ?

I have in mind to use the “Object Detection” using Haar cascade classifier with a detection rate of 40-50 images per sec and I am afraid to be out of bound with just a cpu acceleration.


If you use the opencv from jetpack, then the answer is yes. It does not have gpu acceleration.

You could build opencv lib from source with CPU hw acceleration enabled.