libopencv_3.3.1_t186_arm64- GPU ?

libopencv_3.3.1_t186_arm64 GPU acceleration is available or is it deprecated ?
Please provide installation instructions

If you are asking the opencv3.3.1 installed by Jetpack3.2, the answer is no. GPU acceleration is disabled.

We provide a quick tool to install opencv, but it is openCV3.4. Is it okay?

Thanks. it works now

I have installed the jetpack 3.2 but I am facing some problems during the post installation, is it possible to install the libraries such as opencv , tensorRT etc separately or do I have to use only jetpack to do the installation on the Jetson TX2 ?


You can find libraries located at ‘[JetPack]/jetpack_download’.

Manually installation should work.
You can give it a try.