Does OpenCV 3.3.1 in JetPack 3.2 support CUDA/GPU?


I have installed JetPack 3.2 DP on my Jetson TX2. Today when I try to compile another project, there is an error:

fatal error: opencv2/cudaobjdetect.hpp: No such file or directory

It seems like the OpenCV on my Jetson TX2 does not support the CUDA/GPU? And I notice the JetPack 3.2 DP replace the OpenCV4Tegra 2.4.13 with OpenCV 3.3.1. So, if I want the OpenCV to support CUDA/GPU, do I need to compile the OpenCV source code by myself? Is there another solution?

Thank you.

Please refer to this thread


Why are some of the core OpenCV 3.3.1 libraries still not included in JetPack 3.2 DP?

While I did my own OpenCV builds for the previous version of JetPack, it seems odd for Nvidia not to bundle all of the CUDA enhanced OpenCV core modules ( In prototyping stages it is very useful to have a complete solution to start, even if we eventually roll our own build. It would be nice to have a complete set of OpenCV 3 core modules included with future versions of Jetpack.

Answer here: