JetPack 3.2 installing OpenCV 3.3.1 or OpenCV4Tegra

Hi there,

I recently got my hands on a Jetson TX2. I am flashing it using JetPack 3.2 L4T28.2. It says in the docs that it installs OpenCV but when i go through the installation, it sayis it is installing OpenCV4tegra just before i flash the TX2. It flashed and i go into the python environment. I try to import cv2 but doesnt’t find it for py2 and py3.

Regards and thanks for your feedback

Hi roshen,

This is an error on Jetpack3.2. It shows opencv4tegra but actually installing opencv3.3.1

Hi roshen,

Thanks for pointing this our, as previous comments, that’s a typo, we will correct this issue at next JetPack release.


No problem at all. I was able to import opencv in Python2. I had to manually build opencv for Python3. Just as some feedback it may be worth having the Python3 dependencies in the next JetPack release. Thanks for the replies.


I followed the same steps as you (flashed using JetPack 3.2), but I can’t import cv2 in Python 2. Did you do anything extra to get this to work?


I had to install numpy to make it work after having the device flashed - maybe this will fix your issue, too.