Jetpack 3.2 Opencv 3.3.1 no expected?

Me again - I have found that the opencv 3.3.1 package that comes with jetpack 3.2 has no module, which means I can’t run it from python script - is this expected? To obtain, should I install opencv 3 from source? Thank you.

I will ping this in case it got lost over the new years weekend, thx

Or is the opencv that comes pre-installed just supposed to be the c package? Screw it, will just go install the python version.

I cannot tell much about python, I’m mainly using the C++ API, but :

So you may get opencv-3.3.1 sources and compile your own version with right options. You can check
[EDIT: Note that you won’t have to remove opencv4tegra (this was a 2.4 based version on previous L4T versions). If you keep CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX set to /usr, make install should install in place (you might also clean before by hand /usr/include/opencv* and /usr/lib/lib_opencv*).]

Thanks for the reply - yes for me it did not work, but what did work (or has so far) is jkjung’s build just like you suggested. Thanks both! Would’ve been nice if Nvidia had been more up front about how light their pre-install of opencv was, would have saved me a lot of time, but hey, now I know what to expect.