Opencv fails to see ffmpeg on build

Is there a quick trick to get opencv to see ffmpeg on this device?
I can get it to build on ubuntu 18.04 x86 but its a no-go on the Jetson.
Thought I would build in GPU support and all works but for ffmpeg.

We have a ffmpeg package enabling hardware decoding. Please refer to the steps to download/build the package:
Jetson TX2 and FFmpeg - Can't initialize nvrm channel - #5 by DaneLLL

But we don’t have experience to hook it with OpenCV. This would need other users to share experience.

Figured this out on my own but could not get everything to play well together. Cuda ffmpeg opencv ect.

So I tar ed up home and started fresh.

3 separate 32gb sd cards and did one step and clone a backup two step clone a new backup.

Ultimately I think I need to setup a script on the host os to do the same over the usb. I am surprised that this is not a feature in the sdk itself seeing how temperamental the development environment setup is or seems to be. Or my bad luck and carelessness to blame. Having worked with linux for the last 20 years I always just assume I can reverse my steps for recovery. This has failed me with the Jetson like when X broke and I could not get it to reinstall without a reflash, “just fng weird”. Regardless it would be great to be able to have a few steps back to go to when the thing breaks again.

I think at the moment I have 2 of the sd cards in working states with the whole build environment setup, but still need to do some testing. If all is good I will move the working image to the nvme as the sd cards really make the system lag.