ERROR: cuda requested, but not all dependencies are satisfied: ffnvcodec

please help me slove this problem,thanks



Could you share more info about the issue you met?
What command is executed? What error log you have received?


Don’t know if this is related, but I want to point out that the “470.57.02” and “471.41” are desktop GPU drivers, not Jetson GPU drivers. It is quite possible the Jetson GPU driver has the equivalent interface, but if the functions are being queried via PCIe, then it won’t find them; the Jetson’s GPU is an integrated GPU (directly attached to the memory controller), and won’t respond to nvidia-smi (or any PCIe query of GPU).

i try use jetson-ffmpeg but failed,i reinstalll os;at present i intend use deepstream achieve project

Please check Jetson Nano FAQ

Q: Is hardware acceleration enabled in ffmpeg?

There is individual hardware codec engines in Jetson chips, so decoding/encoding is not done on GPU. Our package enables hardware decoding and please give it a try. You may also consider use jetson_multimedia_api.

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i need decode rtsp stream but example is file stream,please help me how should be do,thanks