OpenCV version in jetson-nano-jp46-sd-card-image

After flashed the jetson-nano-jp46-sd-card-image into a MicroSD card and boots up from Jetson nano. I checked the versions of I am interested as below:

You will see the OpenCV version is different from the link below:

which is:

Why the actual OpenCV version 4.1.1 is different from the document at OpenCV 4.5.0 (with CUDA)?

The OpenCV package is different between Jetpack 4.6 and docker. In Jetpack 4.6, it is 4.1.1 without CUDA. In docker it is 4.5.0 with CUDA.

What is docker here? Is it supported by Jetson nano? If it is supported, why Jetpack 4.6 does not include OpenCV 4.5.0 with CUDA?

The container/docker is for specific use-case. By default we would suggest use VPI. Pleas refer to explanation in
Trying to get OpenCV (built with CUDA) working with FFMPEG - #6 by DaneLLL

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